Spicy Salmon Egg Rolls on a blue plate
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Portuguese shrimp mozambique with lemon and parsley
Shrimp Mozambique is a famous Portuguese peel and eat shrimp dish. Loaded with garlic, pimenta, white wine and fresh parsley Read more
Tomato Seafood Rice Portuguese in a white serving dish
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Portuguese Fried Fish Fillets on a blue plate with seafood rice
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fish tacos plated on a wood board with line, mango salsa, cabbage slaw and lime crema
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Mussels Portuguese Spicy Chorizo plated with baguette
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bang bang shrimp egg rolls on a blue plate
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coquilles st jaques plated on a wood board
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corn flake crusted fish on a wood board
Soft flaky fish coated in crunchy crushed corn flakes. Seasoned to perfection and air fried (or baked) this corn flake Read more
Pancetta and Peas Alfredo Pasta on a white plate with shrimp
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